The Art of Racing in the Rain Irony

The Art of Racing in the Rain Irony

Selective breading

At one point, Enzo says that selective breeding is the reason why dogs to not have thumbs and fingers in general and the reason why they are not as dexterous as other animals and humans. Ironically however, just a chapter before, Enzo attributes his superior intelligence to selective breeding and agrees that because his breeder made his mother mate with a dog known for his intelligence his soul is more human than the soul of other dogs.

Given a new role

While the relationship between Eve and Enzo was never a good one, this all changes after the birth of Denny and Eve’s daughter. Unfortunately, Denny misses the birth since he was away for a race. Then, Eve relies on Enzo for emotional support and names him the protector of her daughter. It is then when Enzo feels as if he is given a place in the world. Ironically however, the person who makes him feel that he belongs somewhere is not his owner but the woman he initially hated and couldn’t stand.

Not so good at predicting

Denny is hailed for his capability of being able to predict what type of weather will be and how the weather will affect his driving. This allows him to adapt to the new environment and to be better than his competitors. Ironically however, while he can predict with great accuracy how the rain will influence his driving, he can’t interpret the signs that tell him that Eve is sick so he is not able to save her.

Saved by the enemy

When Eve left home suddenly because of her headache, she accidentally forgot Enzo home. Hungry and hallucinating, Enzo starts destroying Zoe’s stuffed animals and other toys so when Denny comes home, he discovers what Enzo has done. Furious, Denny hits Enzo and calls him a bad boy. When Denny gets ready to hit Enzo again, he is stoped by none other than Eve. The station is ironical considering how the relationship between Enzo and Eve was never too great to begin with and how Eve was the one who forgot Enzo home and put in in a tough situation in the first place.


Enzo seems to detest crows and he sees them as being below him. Despite this, he can’t deny that in some cultures, the crows are seen as the creators of mankind. Enzo however notes that the crows are not as intelligent as they think they are and recalls an event that happened to him when a group of crows took a bag from the front porch thinking it was going to be food. Ironically, the bag was filled with dog excrement and for Enzo this accentuates even more the idea that crows belong in the garbage and that they are inferior to dogs.

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