Thomas' Calculus 13th Edition

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0-32187-896-5
ISBN 13: 978-0-32187-896-0

Chapter 12: Vectors and the Geometry of Space - Section 12.3 - The Dot Product - Exercises 12.3 - Page 713: 42


$3.643\times 10^{11}\ J$

Work Step by Step

The work done by a constant force ${\bf F}$ acting through a displacement ${\bf D}=\vec{PQ}$ is ${\bf W}={\bf F}\cdot{\bf D}$ --- Defining a coordinate system with San Francisco at the origin, and Los Angeles on the positive x-axis, we have: ${\bf D}$=$\langle 605000\ m,\ 0\ m\rangle \quad {\bf F}=\langle 602148\ N,\ 0\ N\rangle$ ${\bf W}=(602148\ N)(605000\ m)+0(0)=3.643\times 10^{11}\ Nm$ $=3.643\times 10^{11}\ J$
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