Prometheus Bound

Prometheus Bound Character List


Prometheus is the powerful center of the play, one of the most awesome figures in the history of drama. He is a titan, of the race of old gods overthrown by Zeus. He is wise, creative, ingenious, and blessed with the gift of prophecy. He is also a compassionate being, taking sides with helpless mankind against the cruelty of Zeus and the Olympians. He functions on several levels: a literal god, champion of mankind, and metaphorically the source of mankind's adaptability and genius. He is also the great sufferer, and the visionary against a world less moral, intelligent, and beautiful than himself.


God of the forge. Under Zeus's orders, he reluctantly chains Prometheus to the rocks.


This allegorical character is a demon-god, and the strong arm of Zeus. He symbolizes the power of brute force, as well as the institutions or methods of tyranny. Might and Violence hold Prometheus down as he is chained to the cliffs.


The companion of Might. To add to the aura of fear, Violence is played mute.


The daughters of Oceanos. They are beautiful winged minor goddesses who have come to comfort Prometheus. At the end of the play, they choose to stay with him through his tortures, despite the threat to their own safety.


An older god, predating the Olympians, who comes to comfort Prometheus. Though he wishes to go to Zeus and beg for mercy on Prometheus' behalf, Prometheus warns him not to.


A former and future consort of Zeus. Because of Hera's jealousy, she has been transformed into a cow and pursued by a gadfly to the ends of the earth. She is linked to Prometheus by fate: both suffer at the hands of the Olympians, and one day one of Io's descendents will break Prometheus' chains.


Fleet-footed messenger of the gods. He comes at the end of the play to threaten Prometheus on Zeus's behalf.