No Sugar

No Sugar Metaphors and Similes

"More like three-course bloody pig swill" (Simile)

Jimmy uses this rather unsavory simile to describe the rather unsavory food at Moore River Reserve. He suggests that it is more like "pig swill" than food, a simile to describe just how bad their meals are at the new reservation.

"I can do that standing on my head" (Metaphor)

Whenever anyone suggests that he will be sent to jail, Jimmy always says, "I can do that standing on my head," a non-literal way of suggesting that it is easy for him to do time in jail, because he is so used to it, and also because he is so tough.

"Sounds like bullshit to me" (Simile)

In the first scene of the play, when Joe reads an article about the political changes taking place in Australia at the time, Sam says that all the talk about prosperity and optimism sounds like bullshit, a colloquial simile to suggest that he doesn't believe in any of it.