No Sugar Background

No Sugar Background

No Sugar, written by Jack Davis, is a play published in 1986. It takes place during the Great depression in Northam, Western Australia, Moore River Native Settlement and Perth. The main characters are the Millimuras who live in Australia and try to continue living. As white people invade Australia, many Aborigines are forced to poverty and are mistreated. Some Aborigines are working for the white people to survive, and many Australians consider these people traitors. These people track runaways and force their own people to follow the rules, although some speak out against such conditions.

The themes the play portrays include racism, white empowerment, Aboriginal disempowerment, and family. This play is part of a trilogy, with the Dreamers and Barungin. This play won the 1987 Western Australian Premiers Award and the Kate Challis RAKA Award for Indigenous Playwrights in 1992.

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