No Sugar

No Sugar Irony

Moore River Move (Dramatic Irony)

Before the Millimura family is aware of it, the audience knows that the white authorities are planning to relocate all of the Aborigines in the area to the Moore River Reserve from their home in Northam. We hear the bureaucrats discussing the plan—which assuredly has more political motivations than practical ones—before any of the Aborigines know about it.

No Scabies (Situational Irony)

Once the Aborigines are relocated to Moore River, allegedly because of a scabies outbreak, the nurses discover that barely any of the transplants actually have the disease they are purported to have. This is a moment of situational irony, in which we discover that the scabies scare was always a ruse in order to have a legitimate reason to displace the Aborigines, even though the move was motivated by racist sentiments all along.

Carrol and Neville's plan to arrest Joe and Mary (Dramatic Irony)

Joe and Mary manage to escape not only Moore River Reserve, but also an attack by Billy, the black tracker. After living independently in Northam for a while, they are arrested, and Mary is sent back to Moore River, and Joe is put in prison. The audience knows that this is going to happen before Joe and Mary do, because we witness a phone call between Carrol and Neville in which they discuss the plan to apprehend them.

Mary and Joe's Relationship (Dramatic Irony)

Mary and Joe keep their relationship a secret when it first starts out. The audience witnesses scenes between them in private by the river, while the other characters have no idea they are falling in love. This creates some dramatic irony, in that we the audience know something that the other characters do not.