Never Fade Background

Never Fade Background

Never Fade is a second novel in a three-book series called The Darkest Minds Series, about a fictional world where teenagers become affected by a disease called IAAN and most of them die. Those remaining start to have special abilities and are seen as a threat to the world, and therefore have to be controlled.

Ruby, a protagonist from the first novel is now a part of an organization called Children's League whose motive is not in correlation with its name. The main goal they take in IAAN affected children is to use them for their advantage. At the turn of events Ruby gets a surprising mission that involves someone very close to her and whom she thought she left in the past and it's a mission that could change the IAAN affected children's fate completely.

As in the previous book, this one also begins with a prologue. The novel is thirty two chapters long and it was published in 2013.

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