Gone With the Wind Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Gone With the Wind Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

War (motif)

The civil war between the North and the South of the United States is well described in this novel. The author shows us many problems, which people have during these cruel events. People are losing their families, the famine is coming and the society is suffering the poverty. It is really horrible and awful time for everybody. The war is identified with pain, not realized dreams and the hardships.

Horses (symbol)

There are many moments with horses in this story. The first one shows us the death of the main heroine’s father. When man was pursuing a stranger Yankees, he has fallen down from his horse and broken his neck. We can observe the second moment with the horse, when the main heroine’s daughter, little Bonnie has died, when she was trying to jump over a fence on his pony. Horse in "Gone with the wind" is a symbol of the character’s fate, which cannot be avoided.

Gone with the wind; the wind (Allegory)

All characters of this novel have many values and life aims. For example, Scarlett and Rhett follow their goals and aim. Melanie follows her clear conscience and heart. Somebody follows love and hope. Others lost their will to live and they follow the death. The wind means the road and way to the best or worst life. Every person choices the main aim and follows it or «goes with the wind».

Love and suffering (Motif)

Love and suffering are the main reasons for actions in this novel. They are connected together very closely. They complete each other. Each of them makes many problems. If to be honest, the war is a political problem. Many rulers of countries have the misunderstanding between each other and people suffer from it. Love has positive results and at the same time negative once. It can give birth to a new love relationship and can destroy many families. Love can present one with unforgettable feelings and can break one’s heart. In result, everyone is suffering. People suffer from the war. Children can suffer from the father’s or mother’s leaving or light-heartedness.

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