Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind Analysis

Against the background of the dramatic events of the Civil War in the United States (the 60 years of the XIX century), the life of Scarlett O'Hara is described.

Civil war broke out in 1861 between North and South. This war has destroyed slavery in the southern states, the culture of the South, focused on the aristocracy, and destroyed traditions. The civil war brought ruin to the South and a complete defeat, but the most difficult times came later, when people had to adapt to a new life.

Scarlett O'Hara, selfish, narcissistic, vain, stops before nothing for the sake of set goals, is, in essence - a negative character, opposed to Melanie Wilkes – a kind, sympathetic, with great nobility of soul. Image of Melanie - is very bright, good. Yet it is Scarlett, with all her shortcomings, attracts readers, who is the main character. her complex nature is analyzed and maintained constant.

The heroine of the book "Gone with the Wind", the war, becoming the ordeal, made it possible to realize a hidden, unknown to her own strength, to show to the end her character. And it turned out that a capricious, spoiled by the love of parents and entourage of fans, young lady, has courage, indomitable will and a vitality that many men would envy.

Scarlett O'Hara has defended the possession of the family - Tara. At age 18, she suffered the horrors of war, was left without a mother, a father obsessed by losses and helpless younger sisters. She had no one to wait for help from, no one to shift the problems, all the burden she had to carry by herself. She survived, learned to live in a changed world, where were no slaves, vast estates of family and state, and helped her family and relatives. Of course the means Scarlett used to achieve the goal, can hardly be called decent.

"God is my witness, God knows, I do not let the Yankees break me. I will pass through all, and when this is over, I will never, never again starve. Neither I nor my family. God is my witness, I would rather steal or kill, but I will not go hungry "- These are the words of Scarlett, and she did everything to keep her oath.

But despite the manifestation of her selfishness, unworthy acts, justification Scarlett tried not only for herself, but for the sake of her hearth, to save their possessions, their land, because "land - the only thing that has value, the only thing we must fight for! "Scarlett, a true daughter of her father, an Irishman already understands this. And to achieve that and maintain well-being of their family, Scarlett did not arrive with nothing. Scarlett engaged "not feminine" chores, and worst of all - in the opinion of the society, has succeeded in this. And deserve condemnation and hostility of others who believe that Scarlett "does not behave as befits a lady."

Despite the vital acumen, determination and unwillingness to admit defeat, Scarlett did not have the spiritual sensitivity. Throughout the time she categorically did not want to take the interests of other people, if they were different from her own. She did not know people and could not understand her spiritual experiences, and paid the price when it was too late to change anything. Scarlett always believed that hated Melanie, and did not notice how the hatred turned into love, and realized it just after Melanie’s death.

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