Gone With the Wind Metaphors and Similes

Gone With the Wind Metaphors and Similes

The golden sunlight (Metaphor)

In the novel the main heroine wakes up in the morning and opens the windows. The sun shines bright and its rays get the room. The wallpapers and furniture become bright and fresh. Also the rays break through the sky on the battlefields. And this sunlight like a hope that everything will be all right. There won’t be a place for the war, teardrops and pain in this world. Something good can appear during the troubles like the sunlight through the dark clouds.

She had on her bonnet, shawl and mittens, and behind her was Mammy, her face like a thundercloud, holding in her hand the black leather bag in which Ellen O’Hara always carried the bandages and medicines she used in doctoring the slaves. (Simile)

When Scarlett meets her mother and Mammy, her face is compared with the thunder; it means that she is angry and snappish at this time.

He had alighted and tossed his bridle reins to a pick ninny and stood looking up at her, his drowsy gray eyes wide with a smile and the sun so bright on his blond hair that it seemed like a cap of shining silver.(Simile)

The author describes the hero with a really attractive appearance, who intrigues all women every time. Even nature itself helps him to be handsome.

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