Gone With the Wind Irony

Gone With the Wind Irony

“Why, Scarlett! You must have been reading a newspaper! I’m surprised at you. Don’t do it again. It addles women’s brains.”

Even though Rhett Butler considers Scarlett a clever woman, he never misses the chance to make fun of her, which usually drives her crazy. At that time women were not thought to be involved in business and politics, that’s why reading magazines is not what women of that time usually did.

“A cat’s a better mother than you?”

When Rhett leaves Scarlett, he decides to take their daughter. He tells her that she isn’t caring and good mother, but a selfish and self-loving.

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”

Rhett said these last words to Scarlett and their relationships are ironically finished.

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