Family Themes

Family Themes


Almost all characters in the story suffer from a feeling of loneliness. The reasons are different, but the outcome is always the same which is a devastating feeling of loneliness. When a night covers the compound with its dark veil, the characters allow themselves to weep their grief out. It is as clear as a day that more often than not the characters don’t understand each other. They judge each other easily, they quarrel and argue, but they don’t even try to put themselves in each other’s shoes.

Fake morality

Fake morality is even worse than open abuse of moral principles. A person who lives with a split personality starts believing that he or she has a right to behave in such a way. The same story is with protagonist’s grandfather, the Venerable Master Kao, who, claiming that he is a Confucianist, likes to enjoy a company of young actresses. Forgetting about his old faults, he is quick to judge his children and grandchildren.

Lack of Equality

Girls are not allowed to cut their hair, so that men could enjoy their beauty. Girls are kept away from schools, because there is no need to be able to read if your only one purpose in a life is to give birth to children. Girls should have their feet bound. All is for sake of beauty and attractiveness for men. This is how a life of a Chinese girl used to be like. It is hard to be equal, when your opponents don’t even consider you to be a person.


The authorities in the story do nothing to stop soldiers’ attacks on students. To say more, they are even almost pleased, because students are a headache for them. The problem is that as soon as one gets authority, this person does everything possible to keep power. This situation leads to conflicts, oppression, and numerous violations of rights.

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