Family Background

Family Background

Family is a semi-autobiographical novel by Chinese novelist Pa Chin and first published as a serial in 1931-1932. It was later made part of a trilogy alongside two other novels that Pa Chin wrote in 1939-1940, Spring and Autumn. The first English translation of the novel was by Sidney Shapiro, and was first published in 1958 by the Foreign Languages Press in Beijing, China. Anchor Books also published a revised English edition of the novel in 1972 .

The novel recounts Pa Chin's experiences growing up in Chengdu as member of a well to do upper class family. This narrative was also adapted for Chinese theatre in 1941 by renowned Chinese playwright Cao Yu, as well as for Chinese cinema and television.

The novel was very well received when it was published at that time, especially by the Chinese youth of that day and age. To date, it remains Pa Chin's most well known work and has cemented his position among the most influential Chinese novelists of the past century.

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