Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Metaphors and Similes

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Metaphors and Similes

A Comment (Metaphore)

The sunlight dulled as if on cue. Clouds passed rapidly overhead, presaging rain. Dina firstly meets difficulties. Her own thought, even if it is not appropriate, costs her greatly. These sentences go right after Dina’s comment, so that it seems the nature is closely related to people and changes according to the events. It becomes dull, as well as Dina’s outlook. This description intensifies the whole impression on words and foreshadows some troubles waiting for the main character.

First Sight (Simile)

The person looked like a boy but sounded like a girl. It is Heidi, who becomes later a new friend of Dina. She looks strange, as a lesbian for Dina’s opinion. She wears a plumber suit as the lesbians on TV do and wants to be called Henrik; the theme of lesbianism is also touched in the story. Dina accuses Heidi of loving girls, but actually she accuses her of lying. Dina loves Heidi too, but she didn’t expected Heidi was a lesbian. Still, Heidi hasn’t slept with any girls.

Defence (Simile)

As I walked past, I heard protests, angry and loud, as if they'd discovered a cheat at their poker game. Again Dina have an argument with her fellows. She has to defend herself from their sharp jokes. They neither expected nor wanted to see Dina again after her revolver comment, and it makes her response in the same way. People have prejudices and are not able to become well-inclined toward the main character.

A Detective (Simile)

It would be like him to trot after me, his navy blazer flapping, just to eke the truth out of me. Dr. Raeburn does his work as a professional. He analyses all possible circumstances which may influence Dina. She tells him almost everything. But it wasn’t her desire: she had to do this. She is afraid the doctor will know all the truth about her. Probably the doctor should have acted more like a person and less as a detective so that not to make his patient feel so uncomfortable.

A Friend (Simile)

I sprayed her and sprayed her, and she turned over and over like a large beautiful dolphin, lolling about in the sun. This is not that Heidi who was knocking door in tears and trying to make a friend by all means. Now she looks funny, but Dina finds it to be nice. Heidi herself doesn’t think she is nice, but Dina can see her beauty, though it is a bit strange and hidden. So that we may try to see something good in other people, helping them to discover this good in themselves.

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