Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Irony

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Irony

Russian Roulette

Then a freshman counsellor made everyone play Trust…Russian roulette sounded like a better game. From these words, the reader can understand what a ‘great’ interest has Dina toward the intellectual games played in high school. But the last one – Trust was the worst. Dina is afraid both of falling and credit she has to show. Russian roulette obviously is more traumatic, but such simile helps in getting a bright significant image.

Skin Care

"I like eating chemicals," I said. "It keeps the skin radiant." This is the quote from one of the first talks between Heidi and Dina. Dina is still incommunicative and tries to look in this way. She gives answers of the ‘leave-me-in-peace’ type. But Heidi does at her best to be sincere and find some common interests they could speak about. She makes Dina leave her room filled with the chemicals and look for something interesting around.


"Open up a library. Somewhere where no one comes in for books. A library in a desert. " "What are you going to do?" I asked her. "Open up a psych clinic. In a desert. And my only patient will be some wacko who runs a library." That is the answer of a friend, namely a friend who already knows much about you, so you even don’t need to say some things. Unlike the previous two, this irony cue is light comical: it emphasizes the girl’s will to find calm, where there are no sharp jokes, lack of understanding and psychiatric examinations. These words are to make this impression more distinct and bright.

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