Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Imagery

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Imagery

The Counselor

“Her hair was a shade of blond I'd seen only on Playboy covers, and she raised her hands as though backing away from a growling dog. This imagery touches our visual senses. A new place where Dina got gives her new people, experience and challenges. Her counselor looks like a beautiful woman, but this beauty then is quickly substituted with less pleasant words about Dina’s skin color. Still, she answers well and continues her activity despite such words.

A She from Canada

“She was large but not obese, and crying had turned her face the color of raw chicken. She blew her nose into the waist end of her T-shirt, revealing a pale belly. This visual imagery pictures Heidi in the moment Dina see her for first. But such a picture didn’t move Dina. She just tries to get rid of the unexpected visitor. But Heidi insists and soon they become friends. And one time we find Heidi described as a beautiful dolphin in the sunlight. That is Dina’s work. Their friendship for that moment gave them something special that changes them for the best.

The Psychiatrist

Dr. Raeburn was the psychiatrist. He had the gray hair and whiskers of a Civil War general. He was also a chain smoker with beige teeth and a navy wool jacket smeared with ash. Dr. Raeburn is obviously the most romantic character in the story. We know little about him: he is always attentively listening and analyzing. He is probably an experienced man, and he might know all the truth about Dina despite her unwillingness of it. But the psychiatric counseling was a kind of punishment for Dina, and doctor acted in this way, so that their conversation was not much helpful.

Home is the best

The store was well swept, and people quietly checked long grocery lists—no screaming kids, no loud cashier-customer altercations. I got the groceries and left the store. The place Dina lived before coming to Yale was important for her. She loved it. The event in Yale are described brightly, but those in Baltimore are more quiet: the description about exactly brings us into that store, although she tended to loneliness there as well. Baltimore was also the place of her first lovely adventure. Her life changes when she comes to Yale, and new people appear. Heidi was one of the few people Dina loved, and such love actually was a great experience for her.

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