Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Characters

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere Character List


Dina is the main female character. She is a student at Yale who have come from Baltimore. She is African American and from the very beginning of the story the difference in skin colouring and its consequences are notable. Dina differs from other students in her behavior and thoughts; she is ascetic and has little desire to make friends with somebody. But despite her coldness Dina is able for friendship. She is a complicated person and doesn’t fit the standard. She looks a bit like the main character of Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”: she is a good person, but little people can get through the outer shell and see it.


Heidi is a Canadian student at Yale. She wished others to call her Henrik. Probably Heidi has no much friends and knocks Dina’s door searching for a friend. She had troubles with her boyfriend and now suffers from it. Although Heidi is much more restrained and shy than Dina, she shows the superior will to communicate. She turns out to be a lesbian, but it is rather the state of her heart than the way of life. As well as Dina, Heidi has an attraction to loneliness.

Dr. Raeburn

Dr. Raeburn is a psychiatrist. He likes his job and searches in patients' thoughts like a detective. He shows his insight to Dina, but cannot understand her fully and makes the wrong decision about her.

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