City of Glass Themes

City of Glass Themes


The book revolves around the idea of family and around the relationships that are so close that they give the idea of family even if the characters are not related through blood. The idea that family should be above all is promoted since the beginning and families are seen as little cells in a society, structures that support those in them. Jace has a crisis, not being able to connect with his supposed father or with his real one. He believes that if he can’t feel a connection with his father, something is wrong with him. He is shown however that family goes beyond blood and that his family was the Lightwoods all along.

Right vs. wrong

This theme is obvious when analyzing Jace and Clary’s relationship. They are both caught between the desire to be happy and the knowledge that what they do is morally wrong. This mental conflict affects them in such a manner that sometimes they can’t bear to be in each other’s presence without feeling pain. Even if it is clear that they won’t be happy unless they are together, they continue to deny their feelings mainly because they are afraid that their relationship will affect those close to them.

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