City of Glass


The City of Glass is the third book, in the series of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, it an urban fantasy[1]. In 2009, Walker Books published the third book of the series worldwide[2] . It is a journey that explores Simon’s and Clary’s experience in the Shadowhunter city, and Clary works on saving her mother, as they travel from New York institute to Alicant,Idris.


Clary is at Luke’s house with Simon packing for her trip to Idris, in which both of them have conversations based on Clary’s goal to save her mother and struggle she will face when she reaches Idris. It is when clary visits the institute that Magnus tells here that the Lightwoods,had to travel to the portal due to an attack by forsakens and in the battle Simon got injured and Jace had to take him as well, and with her power to create runes, she is able to create an portal and Luke travels with her through the portal.

As Simon wakes up to realize that he was pulled through the portal and now is in Alicante, he realized the truth behind Jace’s motivation to not make Clary come to Idris. Later at the Lightwood house, he meets Sebastian Vercle and Alina Penhallow. Overtime, Alec comes back from the Clave meeting to tell Simon that he will be sent back to New York by Aldertree (new inquisitor).  When Simon arrives to leave for home, it is revealed as a trap to bring people back to the Clave’s trust and he is imprisoned and questioned on his new ability to walk in daylight as a vampire. After the questioning, he meets a fellow mate named Samuel Blackburn.

After Clary opened the portal and went into it, she fell into Lake Lyn and Luke is able to save her, but as she comes out she starts to hallucinate and Luke takes her to Amatis (his sister), where after treatment she wakes up in a bedroom to meet Amatis and be warned on her not being allowed to see Jace. Even with such risk she sneaks out to find Jace, and find in the Lightwood house library kissing Alina, and seeing this Clary runs away. After a while, Sebastian joins Clary and drops here back to Amtias' home, who is angry at her actions.

Later Alec finds out that Simon never made it back home and is prisoned in Alicante, and at night Jace goes to visit Simon and save him, but Simon refuses to escape to save the Lightwoods. The next morning in Simon’s cell he finds that Isabella has left blood for him. He is also visited by Rafael to be informed that he is now being hunted by every Downworlder. In that morning Clary is woken up by Sebastian to find Roger Fell, but when they found him, they saw Magnus and realized that Fell was dead and Magus froze Sebastian to inform where to find a cure to save Clary’s mother with the Book of White. With this Clary travels her way back and in between the journey she and Sebastian kiss. When Clary returns back she informs Jace that they need the Book of White and they set off a journey to find it and when they do, and trapped angel in the Wayland Manor displaying an unusual vision that shatters both Jace and Clary and they barely make it alive outside of the manor when it collapses.

On their way back, Alicante is being attacked by Demons and in the battle the Lightwood youngest, Max is killed, but they were able to save Simon from the fire in prison and realized that his fellow mate was Hodge.

After a few days, they have a funeral for the people killed in the attack. Later that time Simon meets up with Isabella to comfort her and Jace walked Clary back to Amatis place. Later that night, Jace comes to Clary’s place and sleeps with her and in the morning leaves with a note. When Clary gets downstairs to save Jace from his mistake, she meets her mother, which she reacts with anger. Clary runs to the Accord Hall to work out a plan to make both Shadowhunter’s and Downworlder’s work together in the fight, and during the decision process Clary’s mom releases a truth, and in the end, the Clave decides that both can work together to fight a battle, this allows Clary to use her rune abilities to create an bond that allowed them to fight together. While Jace is in a battle with Sebastian and discovers Valentine raise the Angel Raziel which was raised when the Mortal Sword stabbed into Jace's heart. The angle rose, but the angel killed Valentine and granted Clary’s wish to bring Jace back. The story ends with the confession of love between Joycelyn and Luke.


Character List

Jace: An Shadowhunter that is in conflict after finding out that Valentine Morgenstern, was his father, and Clary his sister[4]. In this book, Jace is in an battle with himself, the certain choice and finding the truth.

Clary: An gifted Shadowhunter, that is in a mission to cure her mother from her coma, and discovers many secrets on the way. Through the book it is displayed her gift works to save Alicante from Valentines attack[4].

Simon: Clary’s best friend that is an daylight vampire, and becomes part of the Shadowhunter world[4].  

Isabella Lightwood: Alec Lightwoods’ sister, and rebellious girl and a strong Shadowhunter[4]. In this book, after losing Max Lightwood (the youngest sibling), she goes through an self-conflict on her true potential as an Shadowhunter.

Alec Lightwood:  Jaces’ parabatia and Isabella Lightwood brother, works to reveal his true self and sexuality as it goes against the Shadowhunter society and his family[4].

Magnus Bane: An high warlock in New York that helps the Lightwoods and Clave[4].  In this book, Magnus works in an way to aid Alec’s true self to the Clave and family.

Luke: An friend of Jocelyn (Clary’s mother), that aids to raise Clary, as an werewolf,  was an former Shadowhunter[4]. In the book, he aids to protect Clary and aid her in her certain goals.

Amatis: Luke’s sister, that lives in Alicante[4]. In this she aids to protect Clary and aides to save her life when she fell into Lake Lyn and started to hallucinate.

Sebastian: An mysterious Shadowhunter that comes into the Lightwood house[4]. It is revealed in the book, that he is Clary’s actually brother and the true plan the he has with Valentine.


Family: The theme of family plays in an way to display the idea of family, and the relationship between the members of family, that is able to bring the idea that blood is not the only thing that bring an family together[5].  The bases of this theme can be seen by the action of Jace and the way he works to figure out where he belongs and works to develop the emotions attached to the sense of family. Jace has go through an phase of questions and change to realize that even with no true connection with his bloodline family, that his family is the Lightwood[5].  This theme is displayed when Simon says, “I would never date a girl who insisted that I cut you out of my life. It’s non-negotiable. You want a piece of all this fabulousness?” He gestured at himself. “Well, my best friend comes along with it. I wouldn’t cut you out of my life, Clary, any more than I would cut off my right hand and give it to someone as a Valentine’s Day gift.” [6] this displays the true definition of relationship and an sense of family is build based on more than blood, but the connection that is build overtime. They are able to underline the sense of family in a way that it is not just connected by blood but also emotions and time take a factor to establish such connection and an sense of family displayed in this book.

Right vs. Wrong: The theme of right vs. Wrong uncovers the certain actions that are taken by the characters in which they went to both physical and mental conflict in order to do things correctly based on their own purpose. The most common one notice in this book is the definition of Jace and Cary's relationship as they had more than an brother-sister love, but it was an intimate love[5].  The choice of which love is correct and the way it defines their current status of brother and sister, before Clary found out that Sebastian is her actual brother[7].  The conflict can be seen when Jace says, “I know it's wrong - God, it's all kinds of wrong - but I just want to lie down with you and wake up with you, just once, just once ever in my life.”[8] , it works to display the though processes and the way it just made the character struggle displays this theme so evidently, and the way desires had to be set apart by morality, it works to develops the plot line and tie the certain actions made in the book, allowing for readers to see an reason for those actions. Each character is able to justify for their actions and it brings them into reality and allows for the audience to gain an connection to which they are able to categorize the validity of their actions and are able to gain an understanding of the choice of right vs. wrong.

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