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City of Glass Character List

Clary Fray

Clary is a young Shadowhunter, the daughter of Jocelyn and Valentine. She only learned about her origins and powers after her mother got attacked by a demon and she was left alone to care for herself. She has red hair just like her mother and a small figure. She is a brave girl, willing to do everything she can to save her mother. Just like Jace, she believes that they are related and she is feeling guilty because of her feelings for him. She later finds out that her ability to see runes that are not in the Grey Book is a result of an experiment that Valentine did on her mother. Valentine put angel blood in Jocelyn’s food after she gave birth to Jonathan not knowing that she was pregnant with Clary and that gave Clary the ability to see runes that only angels could know.

Jace Herondale

Jace is one of the main characters in the book, a skilled Shadowhuner. He is described as having angel-like features, with blood hair and a slender figure. In the beginning, he is believed to be Valentine and Jocelyn’s son. He is hated by many who resent Valentine and Jace feels like he deserves this because of his feeling for Clary, which he believes to be his biological sister. He is extremely close to the Lightwood family and is considered as being a part of the family after they took him in when he was ten. Jace is sometimes rash and doesn’t think about his actions when he believes that what he does is for the greater good. In the end, it is revealed that Jace isn’t Valentine’s son, but rather Stephen and Céline’s Herondale.


Simon is Clary’s closest friend with whom she had a brief relationship. Simon was transformed into a vampire by Raphael and after he drank Jace’s blood, discovered that he could walk in the sun without getting burnt. Simon is taken to Alicante after Jace dragged him through the portal as a result of the forsakens attacking them. Instead of being sent home, Simon was kept as a prisoner in Alicante and accused of being one of Valentine’s spies. He went willingly to Raphael knowing that he could be killed just to get the vampires to support the Shadowhunter in their battle against Valentine, thus proving his loyalty and selfless nature. In the book, he gets past his feeling for Clary and starts developing a relationship with Isabelle.


Luke was Valentine’s parabatai and close friend, before he was bit by a werewolf and transformed. He accompanies Clary to Alicante and risks his life for her, knowing that if he were to be caught in Alicante, he would be in trouble. He has a sister that is revealed for the first time in this book, named Amatis with whom he stopped talking after he was transformed into a werewolf. Luke is in love with Jocelyn, Clary’s mother, and at the end of the book he confesses his feelings for her.

Isabelle Lightwood

Also called Izzy, she is the only daughter in the Lightwood family. Alec is her older brother and Max is her younger one and she loves them both dearly. Over the years, she accepted Jace as her brother after he was brought into their family. She is described as being a beautiful girl, with long black hair and she is known for dating anyone who would make her parents mad. After Max’s death, she blamed herself for not listening to him and locked herself into her room. She is impulsive by loyal to her family and she didn’t hesitate to go after Jace even though she was supposed to remain in Alicante with the other Shadowhunters who were below the legal age.

Madeleine Bellefleur

Madelaine was one of Jocelyn’s friends from Alicante. She is the one that tells Clary that Ragnor Fell may be able to save her mother and she was supposed to be part of the group returning to Alicante. She is however killed when the forsaken attack them at the Institute.


Raphael is the leader of the vampire clan from New York. He is the one that asks for Simon in exchnage for the vampire’s help in the battel against Valentine.


He was an angel summoned by Valentine and kept captive. Valentine tortured him to find the whereabouts of the Mortal Instruments but the angel refused to tell him. He is released after Jace and Clary find him.

Maryse Lightwood

Maryse is Alec, Isabelle and Max’s mother, a Shadowhunter belonging to the group of Shadowhunters from New York. She is married and she and her husband are part of the group of people that refuse to surrender to Valentine and insist on fighting against him by allying themselves with the Downworlders.


Valentine is Clary’s biological father, an idealist who believes that the Shadowhunter race was tainted and that he is the only one who can change things for the better. He would easily sacrifice his children and family just to see his dreams materialize. He is killed by the Angel Raziel after he summoned him.

Senhora Monteverde

A Shadowhunter that runs the Institute in Lisbon and that refused to agree to let the Downworlders figth with them.


Meliorn is a fairy knight that used to date Isabelle. He comes to Alicante and fights against Valentine’s army.


Raziel is the angel that created the Shadowhunter race. He is summoned by Valentine at lake Lyn but because Clary changed the runes that were supposed to bind him, he was forced to grant Clary a wish and not her father.


A vampire from New York who came with Raphael to Alicante.

Robert Lightwood

Robert is Maryse’s husband and Alec, Max and Isabelle’s father


Alec is the oldest child in the Lightwood family. He is Jace’s parabatai and a skilled Shadowhunter of eighteen years old. He is mature for his age and extremely loyal to his family. He is in love with Magnus but initially he refuses to acknowledge it because he is afraid that he will be shunned by the Shadowhunter community and by his family. In the end, he gets past his insecurities and kisses Magnus in front of everyone, accepting who he really is.


A young werewolf girl from Luke’s pack.


Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn and is described as being flamboyant, interested in fashion and with a promiscuous attitude. He falls in love with Alec and starts helping his family and friends for him. Magnus helps the Shadowhunters in their battle against Valentine and he is the one who wakes Jocelyn from her coma.


Max is the youngest in the Lightwood family. He is a boy of nine years old, dorky looking and who discovered his passion for manga. He became quite close to Clary and considers Jace as being his brother even if they are not related through blood. He is killed by Sebastian and his death has a great impact on his family.


She is Luke’s sister and she takes care of Clary after Luke leaves Alicante. She is mad at herself because she let herself be influenced by Valentine and she told Luke to disappear from her life after he was bitten by a werewolf. They reconcile after the war and Amatis is the one who told Jocelyn to confess her feelings for Luke.

Sebastian Verlac

Sebastian is Patrick Penhallow’s nephew that was attacked while he traveled to Alicante. Much information about the real Sebastian is not given but the impostor is charming and extremely intelligent, managing to make everyone believe that he was the real Sebastian. In the end it was revealed that Sebastian was actually Jonathan, Valentine’s true son, who had demon blood in him as a result of his father’s experimentations.

Patrick Penhallow

He is one of the Shadowhunters who were present when Valentine appeared in the Accords Hall. He is one of the Shadowhunter who believed that siding with Downworlders was a good idea.


She is the head of the Institute in Beijing.


He is the Consul and he secretly worked with Valentine after his fall. He is killed by Valentine’s hawk after he tries to harm Clary.


He was the Shadowhunter who replaced the old Inquisitor after she was killed. He is a cunning man, but loyal to the Clave and he hates Valentine. He is killed by Valentine in the Accords Hall.

Aline Penhallow

Aline is Patrick and Jia’s daughter, good friend with the Lightwood children. She flirts for a bit with Jace in the beginning but realizes that he is not her type.

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