City of Glass Metaphors and Similes

City of Glass Metaphors and Similes

Confusion (Metaphor)

In the situation when Simon couldn’t understand where he was and what was happening around, “a wave of blank panic washed over Simon, quickly replaced by a pain that shot through his midsection”. His company tried to explain the situation and he was very embarrassed with this information. So, the author showed his mood by such a metaphor.

Blood (Metaphor)

Since in the story is revealed the vampires theme, no doubt there is the blood theme. And blood is compared with a medicine to them, when such creatures need power and energy they must drink blood. “He felt better, stronger, as if the blood were a medicine that worked instantly, a drug he had to have to live”. These words were said about Simon, when he felt himself awful nothing could help him but blood. And, through the whole story blood is treated like medicine.

The Bone City (Simile)

The Bone City in the story is compared to the Seelie Court in Central Park in New York, because it has the same mysterious location and entrance. “Just because the entrance was there doesn’t mean the Court itself is under the park”. The author decided to use such simile to show how hard is to enter The Bone City.

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