Bleachers Characters

Bleachers Character List

Coach Eddie Rake

He is the main character of the story and is a legend in Messina. He coaches the high school football team and has done so for 34 years and has had a successful career. He is dying of cancer and his former players return to Messina to see him and to remember their old days of playing football in Messina.

Neely Crenshaw

He is an important character in the book and even more so as the author tells the story from his point of view. He was a football hero in the 1980s and had a chance of playing professional football. However, he injured his knee during college and his career ended. He has not returned to Messina for 15 years as he hates Coach Eddie Rake.

Paul Curry

He used to play with Neely Crenshaw during high school football and was his best friend. He is now a banker and still lives in Messina but he joins his former team mates to see their old coach Eddie Rake again.

Silo Mooney

He was a great footballer as he was tall and wide and 'dominated' the field when he used to play alongside Neely Crenshaw and Paul Curry. However, he now owns a body shop in the local area and trades illegal items.

Nat Sawyer

He used to play on the same team as Neely, Paul and Silo. He has returned to Messina to open a coffee/book shop and coach Eddie Rake is his most regular customer. He brought their championship winning video of 1987 for the other former team mates to watch.

Sheriff Mal Brown

He used to play on Coach Eddie Rake's team too and he is the one who told Eddie Rake's former players that he is dying and that they should come and see him. He is the local Sheriff and has warned Silo Mooney that he will catch him for his illegal practices.

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