Bleachers Background

Bleachers Background

Bleachers, written by John Grisham, was first published during 2003 and was later published during 2004 by Arrow. This fictional story highlights the love and loss that protagonist Neely Crenshaw experiences as he takes a trip down memory lane.

Neely could easily be considered the best high school quarterback on his legendary football team: the Messina Spartans. Yet these good ol' days have come to an end, and Neely is left with the task of burying his late football coach. Grisham allows readers to explore the nostalgic and self-reflective state of Neely's mind and heart as he copes with the pleasure and pain of his athletic milestones thanks to his coach and how that has enriched his life.

Some online reviews describe the book as enjoyable and heart-warming, while other online reviews describe it as unmoving and melancholic. Grisham has authored numerous international bestsellers since 1988. Some titles include A Time to Kill and The Chamber. Some novels have even been adapted into films.

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