"Beauty and the Beast" and Other Tales Themes

"Beauty and the Beast" and Other Tales Themes

Parental love

Beauty’s father loves his children to such an extent that he is ready to sacrifice his life for their happiness. The man works hard to provide his sons and daughters with everything they need. However, parental love is often blind. He refuses to acknowledge that two out of his three daughters forget that they owe everything to their parents. They believe firmly in their superiority and behave accordingly. Could their father at least talk to them? Could he refuse to buy them everything they ask him for? Of course, but he doesn’t do it, for the man is too fond of his children to notice their flaws. The fact that his older daughters turn into spoiled women says a lot about his inability to face the truth.


Gratefulness is one of the most positive qualities a person could possess. The merchant finds a splendid castle where he gets a chance to rest and eat after a long journey and numerous misfortunes, what is more there is even a warm stable for his tired horse. When he wakes up, he finds a wonderful breakfast that he eats with a great appetite. Unfortunately, the man forgets that he is just a guest, so he takes a rose without even asking if he is allowed to do so. His initial gratefulness is quickly forgotten, his timidity turns into boldness. However, this event will definitely teach him not to use somebody else’s property.

Love as the most important treasure

The Beast allows Beauty to go where she wants and do as she pleases. Unlike the popular Disney cartoon, the Beast doesn’t behave as aggressively as the cartoon character. On the contrary, he is polite and caring almost from the very beginning. Though Beauty is supposed to be a prisoner, it is the Beast who is imprisoned. In spite of the fact that he doesn’t want her to leave him, he agrees that Beauty should go home and visit her inconsolable father. That short-lasting separation helps Beauty to understand that she has already fallen in love with the Beast. She doesn’t need either the castle or the treasures that are kept there. She values love and friendship of the Beast more than anything else in the whole world.

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