"Beauty and the Beast" and Other Tales Irony

"Beauty and the Beast" and Other Tales Irony

Wealth is not always an answer

The merchant was really rich and his two younger daughters were very proud of the fact. But one never knows what to expect from tomorrow, and besides trading is one of the most unstable activities. This idea is proven by the example of the merchant, who in one day has lost all his money, and fortune and was forced to leave a beautiful house in the city for a little one in the country. Money loves respect, and if it does not receive this respect - it simply find another owner who would be more careful.

Handsome husbands, but unhappy wives

Both of Beauty’s sisters have married. One husband was really handsome, and the other was really talented. But neither of Beauty’s sisters was happy, and these qualities of their husbands did not add to them any feeling of satisfaction. The handsome husband was so much concerned only with himself that he simply forgot about his young wife, the witty husband wanted so much to show his cleverness that simply annoyed everyone around, especially his own wife. Both sisters did not understand the reason of their unhappiness, so much their hearts were corrupted with malice.

Everyone rewarded

If only in real life everything would turn as it had turned out in the tale. Beauty has been rewarded for her kind heart and good thoughts, and her sisters were rewarded for their malicious intentions. As the result, Beauty married and lived happily, and the sisters were turned into stone statues.

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