"Beauty and the Beast" and Other Tales Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

"Beauty and the Beast" and Other Tales Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The rose (symbol)

When the merchant goes on a business trip, he asks each of his daughters what they want him to get for them. Both elders daughters wanted new gowns, jewelry, and many other trifles. Beauty understood that the money her father will get would not be enough to cover the debts, to say nothing about new things, so she asks him to bring her a rose of incredible beauty. This rose becomes a symbol of her daughter’s love and affection, as it is only her father’s welfare that matters to her.

Dream (motif)

The motif of a dream is often applied in fairy tales, since it serves as a connection of real world with the world of magic – unreal one. In “Beauty and Beast” the motif of dream is used to show Beauty what really might happen. One she sees an unknown lady who says her that she will be rewarded with her will to stay in the Beast’s palace, and would find happiness for her good attitude. Another dream Beauty sees when she is at home and goes not return to the palace in time, and as a result Beast dies. Both dreams became true – the lady appears in the end of the tale, and everyone is rewarded for their deeds; the other dream almost became true, as Beauty was in time to save her beloved.

Statues (symbol)

Both of Beauty’s sisters are turned into stone statues and are destined to stay stone till the time they understand their faults. But the fairy does not think it ever to happen, as both girls’ hearts are soaked with malice, jealousy, and pride. So they are destined to observe Beauty’s happiness in the form of statues. These statues become the symbol of a boomerang effect – one is treated the way one treats others.

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