As for Me and My House Background

As for Me and My House Background

Sinclair Ross' As for Me and My House (first published in 1941 but achieved its fame after a re-issue in 1954) was first released to very little fanfare and received very few reviews (partly due it availability and partly due to its subject matter and structure). Despite that, many consider Ross' book to be a bona fide classic with a tremendous amount of literary importance. One reviewer called As for Me and My House "a beautifully moody novel about weather and a terrible marriage." Other reviewers, however, said the book was "physically painful to read."

Set in the town of Horizon during The Great Depression, As for Me and My House follows the life and experiences of a ministers wife (called Mrs. Bentley). Told in the form of a diary, the book chronicles Mrs. Bentley's isolation, the trouble in her rather tumultuous relationship with her husband, and her life in the country - and later he struggle to move to the city. At the end of the day, though, Ross' book is about the ever-changing nature of relationships, the bonds between people, and the intensity that is possible between two people - even if one of them is a minister.

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