Amnesty: A Novel Background

Amnesty: A Novel Background

Written by Aravind Adiga Amnesty: A Novel (published in 2020) tells a story of an illegal immigrant named Danny who is in Sydney, Australia. He has been working as a cleaner and living out of a grocery storeroom for three years and has been trying to create a new identity for himself. After he gets a girlfriend named Sonja he tries the strive to a more normal life. However, his life doesn't become totally normal for a while. One morning he finds out that one of his clients was brutally murdered. Danny suspects that the person that murdered him is a doctor whom he knows. He faces a conundrum, though: should he turn the doctor in, or should he withhold the critical information from the police.

When it released, Amnesty: A Novel was met with warm critical reception. Kirkus Reviews loved the book, calling it "A well-crafted tale of entrapment, alert to the risk of exploitation that follows immigrants in a new country." Dwight Garner of The New York Times wrote a rave review of the book, calling it "bracing" and saying that the novel has a "simmering plot" that moves along rapidly.

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