Altered Irony

Earth as Safe Haven (Dramatic Irony)

Contrary to the expectations of Adelice, it turns out that Earth is not a place of harmony and safety that she and her friends expected it to be. If anything, it is full of more mystery, uncertainty, and instability.

Jost and Adelice (Dramatic Irony)

It would have seemed that Adelice and Jost would end up together, given their intense devotion to one another. In the earlier chapters of the book, Jost is incredibly protective of Adelice, against Erik, against Dante, and against Kincaid. But as the story progresses, Jost becomes more indifferent and less willing to compromise on his desire to reunite with daughter - compromising and ending his relationship with Adelice in the process.

Amie's Allegiance (Dramatic Irony)

Arguably the largest slap across the face for Adelice, Amie turns out to be on Cormac's side at the end of the novel. As if contrived just like all the other things that had happened to Adelice, Cormac had ostensibly wanted Adelice to unwind Kincaid in front of Amie so that she could see Adelice's as murderous – or, in Amie's words, as "a freak" (386).

Unlikely Brothers (Situational Irony)

Though Erik and Jost are brothers, they are incredibly different in personality and motivation - something that has not changed much since the first book in the series.