Altered Character List

Adelice Lewys

Adelice Lewys is the 16-year-old narrator and protagonist of the story. Throughout Altered she is accused of making naïve and foolish choices by her father Dante and her on-and-off lover Josten Bell. In addition to her extraordinary power to weave without a loom, she discovers that, as a result of her hybrid genetic makeup (her father Dante, is a tailor), she is able to make alterations to physical things as well. She continues to experience an internal struggle about whether to submit to the Guild’s demands or fight the Guild for the sake of others. As the plot progresses she begins to understand the value of her skills, the extent to which others keep secrets from her, the history behind the creation of Arras, and what obstacles she must overcome if she desires to take down the Guild.

Josten (Jost) Bell

Former head valet at the Coventry, and Adelice’s on/off lover. When Adelice creates a rip in the layers of the tapestry that separate Arras from Earth, Jost and his older brother Erik come with her. Though they eventually admit their attraction to one another in the book, Jost and Adelice struggle with their relationship, particularly because Jost believes Adelice is unwilling to partake in familial responsibilities, especially with regards to his daughter Sebrina. After an unpleasant series of misunderstandings and arguments with Adelice, Jost more ardently prioritizes his daughter, and makes her the focus of his efforts to fight the Guild.

Dante Lewys

A Sunrunner and Adelice’s biological father. Originally taking Adelice and Jost to a safe house after shopkeeper Grace made a ruckus about Adelice’s inquisitions about the origins of Arras, Dante becomes one of Adelice’s closes allies. He is also a Tailor, which is how Adelice inherited the ability to alter. However, because he left Meria Lewys pregnant with Adelice and fled to Earth, Adelice has a difficult time trusting him. Due to the hyperbolic time differences between Arras and Earth (1 month on Earth is equivalent to 1 year on Arras) Dante is only 19 years old. Because of these reasons, his attempts to be a fatherly figure to Adelice are at times ineffective. Nonetheless he cares greatly for Adelice, and makes an effort throughout the book to protect her from what he perceives as threats.


Jost’s older brother, a Tailor and a lover of Adelice. When Jost and Adelice are eating at a Sunrunner safe house with Dante, Erik is captured by Remnants. The trio eventually saves him. As Dante begins to gain Adelice’s trust, he warns her to beware of Erik, whom he suspects is also a Tailor. Adelice confronts Erik about this, and he confesses that he has the ability to alter. He left his life as a fisherman’s son because he wanted to do something more meaningful. When Jost is away dealing with an apparent threat near the Guild’s mining operations, Erik and Adelice become romantically involved. This intimacy is what leads Jost to end his relationship with Adelice. Erik also saves Adelice from drowning when they approach Alcatraz Island towards the end of the book.


The head of the Sunrunners and owner of the Hearst Castle estate. A former member of the Guild who left on rough terms, he enjoys Shakespeare, takes an interest in acting, and is appreciative of fine arts in general. Nonetheless, he too lives on renewal patches. For Adelice, at first it is hard to tell whether Kincaid is a friend or a foe. His erratic, secretive behavior eventually gives way to his malicious intentions to not only take revenge against the Guild but also to destroy anything that gets in his way. Kincaid’s destructive tendencies lead Adelice to believe that his goals may be even more dangerous than the Guild’s. Adelice eventually rips him.


Adelice’s former aesthetician, now an enemy. Adelice first spots her in the Icebox, but is unable to confront her then. Later on, it turns out that Valery is in the service of Kincaid. Her apathetic countenance and cold attitude towards Adelice are a result of her belief that Enora, her lover from the first book in the series, committed suicide because of Adelice. This apathy ultimately turns out to be betrayal, as Valery reveals she was the one who orchestrated every attempt against Adelice since her arrival on Earth. Everything from the Remnants to Deniel’s attempt on Adelice’s life is because of Valery. She does this because the Guild promised her Enora’s resurrection in return for an agreement to sabotage and spy on Adelice and her allies. In the end Valery admits guilt; despite her malicious behavior, Adelice essentially forgives her.


A Sunrunner and ally of Dante’s. Jix keeps watch on the photovoltaic solar energy system on which Kincai’s estate runs. He is also secretly involved in the Kairos resistance against Kincaid and the Guild. Jix helps Adelice, Jost, Erik, Valery, and Dante escape Kincaid’s estate as they head to Alcatraz Island in search of the Whorl.

Meria Lewys

Adelice’s mother, now a Remnant. Adelice believed her to be dead; when she finds that her mother is the head of the Remnant pack sent to kill her, Adelice asks Dante to spare her. Meria is taken to Kincaid’s estate and is locked up. In the few interactions that Adelice has with her thereafter, Meria reveals that she has all the memories of her past but can no longer be considered Adelice’s mother. The Guild has stripped Meria of her soul, and all she desires to do is kill Adelice. She is also the one who prompts Adelice to ask Dante more about his past and character. Eventually she is drugged by Dante and taken out of the estate, supposedly abandoned in the California desert.


Adelice’s younger sister. She makes a brief appearance at the end, much older than when Adelice saw her (which is almost 2 years in Arras time). She is aligned with Cormac. When Adelice leaves her with her friends to go with Cormac, it is revealed that Amie actually chose to come back and remain with Cormac. Though it is not made explicit here, it appears that Cormac and the Guild may have altered Amie.

Cormac Patton

New Prime Minister of the Guild of Twelve. He returns with Amie to Alcatraz to retrieve Adelice, whom he still intends to marry. After Adelice rips Kincaid, she agrees to go back to Arras with Cormac in exchange for the safety of her friends and Amie.

Albert Einstein

The scientist behind the system of looms and genetic alteration of the human species that led to the creation of the Arras. He is bound in space and time to the Warden’s House behind the prison on Alcatraz Island. Eventually Adelice and Dante free him. He is also initially believed to be the Whorl, which is the key to making Arras independently from Earth.


A resistance fighter in the Kairos resistance, and (possibly) a lover of Dante’s. Falon is the first person whom Adelice and Jost encounter on Earth; after seeing Adelice’s hourglass mark, he tells them to head to the Icebox for safety and cover.


A Sunrunner who attempts to kill Adelice. Valery reveals that she orchestrated Deniel’s presence on the estate as part of an effort to harm Adelice.

Grace (old shopkeeper woman)

The owner of a shop of antiques where Adelice first runs into Dante. Adelice exchanges one of her emerald earrings for a book at the shop. Grace eventually becomes alarmed by Adelice’s inquiry about a past article and picture dating to the World War II period.