Altered Study Guide

Gennifer Albin's second novel, Altered, explores one girl's experience navigating the dysfunctional social and political systems of a completely controlled dystopian society. Published in 2013, Altered is the second book in the Crewel World trilogy. It offers a fictionalized view of the threat equality poses to some who seek to maintain social order. The trilogy is told from the perspective of a unique female protagonist who must rely on her own talents to overcome a number of social and structural challenges.

Gennifer Albin was inspired to write Altered (and the series in general) after seeing a painting called Embroidering the Earth's Mantle by Remedios Varo. In the painting several girls are pictured collectively sewing a tapestry, which overflows and composes the world below. Albin began by writing a story about one of the girls in the tower who didn't like her job. Initially, the story was written with two narrators; Albin ultimately decided to use only one.