Women and Writing Imagery

Women and Writing Imagery

The imagery of women’s writing

The narrator describes women writing in the modern era as free of prejudice because women are now financially stable, have access to quality education and exposure and are also happy in what they do. The narrator says, "The great general change that has crept into women's writing is, it would seem, a change and attitude. The woman writer is no longer bitter. She is no longer angry. She is no longer pleading and protesting as she writes." The imagery shows the journey travelled by women to attain success.

The imagery of women's voices in writing

The narrator describes a woman's process to learn and adapt to develop the voice needed in writing fiction. The narrator says, "Thus if we wish to know why at any particular time women did this or that, why they wrote nothing, why on the other hand they wrote masterpieces, it is extremely difficult to tell."

The imagery of silence

The author describes women’s silence in writing and argues that it is one of the factors that discouraged women from shining in the industry. The narrator says, “There were a Sappho and a little group of women all writing poetry on a Greek island six hundred years before the birth of Christ. They fall silent. Then about the year 1000, we find a certain court lady, Mursaki, writing a very long and beautiful novel in Japan."

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