Women and Writing Background

Women and Writing Background

Women and Writing is a nonfiction book published in 1979 by the British author Virginia Woolf. While she is most commonly known for her novels and for her works of fiction, Virginia Woolf was also the author of many nonfiction books and collections on essays on different topics that were of particular interest for her.

Virginia Woolf was a female writer interested in other important female figures in literature and not only and she discusses these figures in Women and Writing. She analyzes the example of various historical figures such as Jane Austen, George Eliot, Margaret Cavendish, Eliza Haywood, Elizabeth Gaskell, Christina Rossetti and many more and Virginia Woolf writes about their accomplishments and about the way they influenced the writing community.

The book can also be considered a critical analysis of women’s history and she includes numerous personal commentaries about their character and about their importance.

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