Under the Dome Background

Under the Dome Background

Under The Dome is a science fiction novel by Stephen King. The story is set in and around a small town in Maine and is an intricate, complex story with multiple characters that tell how the town's inhabitants deal with being cut off from the outside world by an invisible barrier that suddenly drops out of the sky.

This novel is almost twice as long at King's next longest book and was over 1500 pages in manuscript form. It is a partial re-write of a novel King had written on 1982 called The Cannibals and the two books were different attempts to utilize the same idea concerning how people behave when they are cut off from normal society.

Critics shared scepticism regarding the unwieldy bulk of the novel but were universally thrilled and deeply disturbed by it simultaneously. The book was adapted for television twice with the cable miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.

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