Trouble in Paradise Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Trouble in Paradise Symbols, Allegory and Motifs


In the opening sequence we see a butler pull a leaf off of Monescu's tuxedo as he waits for Lily to join him for dinner. The leaf is a symbol that Monescu was the thief we saw in the shadows leaving the scene of a robbery in another room at the opening of the story.


Colet and Monescu spend the evening together from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. We only see the clock and the time changing on its hands rather than seeing the pair together throughout the night. The clock symbolizes the time passing for Lily as she doesn't know what is happening between the two. Because we don't see it, it makes us feel just as in the dark as Lily does.

Handing Over Papers

Colet stands with Giron and Monescu in her living room. She holds documents in her hands that Giron wants her to review without Monescu. Colet hands the papers over to Monescu and it symbolizes that she has put her trust in this man over that of Giron.

Venitian Boatman

We see an ashtray in the form of a Venetian boatman steering his boat as Filiba puts out his cigarette. It is a symbol that the man who was robbed in Venice is getting closer to remembering what happened to him during the robbery and that it was Monescu who did it.

Shadows on the Bed

We see Colet and Monescu's shadows on her bed as they kiss in the night. The symbol is that though they kiss and she feels in love, the scene is not one that is real as Monescu is tricking her for her money.

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