Trouble in Paradise Quotes


"As far as I'm concerned her whole sex appeal is in that safe!"

Gaston Monescu to Lily

Monescu utters this phrase when Lily believes that Colet is seducing him and he's falling for her. He tells her this in order to clarify his intentions with Colet and to ensure her that he loves Lily far more than the perfume magnate. This is not the whole truth though, as Monescu finds Colet attractive and even falls in love with her.

"If I like a man I remember him, and if I don't like him I never forget him."

Francois Filiba

Filiba utters this to his wife after Monescu posing as Colet's secretary tells him that he believes they have met before. Filiba is irritated that he cannot remember such a man as if they did meet he would certainly have an opinion about him, and though he initially believes they haven't met he has an instinct to continue to search his memory as to whether that is true or not. It tells us of the loss of memory that Francois has suffered from being hit over the head by Monescu during the robbery in Venice.

"GIRON: I have enjoyed the confidence of this family for forty years. How long have you enjoyed the confidence of Madame, three weeks?

MONESCU: Two weeks and three days."

Adolph Giron and Monescu (as Colet's secretary) speaking to one another

Giron is insinuating that he has the upper hand as the long time confidant of the family whereas Monescu has only knonw her for three weeks. Thus that Colet will side with Giron. In response, Monescu corrects Giron to say that he's had Colet's confidence for less than three weeks. He is saying that it has taken him days to advance farther than Giron has in decades of service to Colet and her family.

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