Trouble in Paradise Imagery

Trouble in Paradise Imagery

Needle in a Haystack

After she loses her 125,000 franc purse, we see Madame Colet and the Major looking for it in the hallways of the opera house. Lubitsch shows the crowd exiting as they search and they increase in the number of people in the hallway shows us that what they are looking for has become one in a million.

Yes Man

Monescu is employed by Madame Colet and his first order of business is to get everyone on her staff into shape. Lubitsch shows sliding and quick cuts from one employee to the next saying "yes" to Monescu. They imagery shows us that he has very quickly taken over her property and people.

Jewelry Box

Lily speaks with Colet in the Madame's bedroom. She sees a large diamond ring and gives it to Colet who tosses it in a box of jewelry. Lubitsch shot Lily's perspective seeing the diamond ring as if seeing the sun rise for the first time and Colet dropping the ring in her jewelry box like dropping water into a bucket. The imagery shows the vast difference in how the two women value these possessions.


During Monescu's date with Madame Colet Lubitsch does not show them together. Instead, he only shows images of a clock as the time passes later and later into the night. The imagery makes us feel like Lily who has been left out in the dark on this date while her love, Monescu romances another woman. By shooting it this way, we the audience feel just as anxious about it as Lily does.

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