The Whipping Boy Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Whipping Boy Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Raggedy Clothes Symbol

When the King's soldiers are walking through the fair looking for Jemmy and the Prince they do not give he two young men a second glance because they are dressed in particularly tattered rags. Jemmy realizes that the tags they are wearing are a symbol of poverty and of the fact they are no more than street urchins.

Beautiful Fabrics and Finery Symbol

The same realization that hits Jemmy about the rags he is wearing also makes him realize that beautiful fabrics and fine clothes are a symbol of royalty or at the very least of being well-to-do.

Prince Brat's Name Symbol

Prince Brat is Prince Horace's nickname and is symbolic of his reputation for being a spoiled, uncontrollable and generally not very nice Brat of a child whom they mostly don't like or respect.

Literacy Symbol

As a whipping boy Jemmy would not be expected to be able to read or write; however as royal child with a private tutor the Prince was assumed to be literate. Jemmy realizes that his ability to write is a symbol of upper class or royalty and this is why he is able to pass as the prince and why the Prince's illiteracy symbolizes a child of the streets who is uneducated.

Whipping Boy Symbol

The position of whipping boy is symbolic in of itself as the beating given to the whipping boy is symbolic of the whipping that should be given to the Royal child, but is not because spanking the Prince is illegal. The punishment given to Jemmy is symbolic of the punishment Prince Brat should be receiving for yet another misbehavior.

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