The Whipping Boy Quotes


"Lawks!" Jemmy thought. Hadn't the prince run away in royal style! He had even brought a china plate, a silver spoon and a silver knife for himself.

Narrator, Chapter Six

This observation by Jemmy illustrates the complete cluelessness of the prince and how he had no idea how to survive outside the palace walls. His idea of the bare necessities was silverware and fine china rather than basics and a plan. He couldn't fathom a world in which people didn't live this way. What he had brought also shows that despite his claims he really didn't intend to run away for long as he had packed for a picnic rather than for a longer period of time.

"Before the day is out, dozens of villains will deliver up false claims. Only my crow will convince Papa that you are the genuine villain."

Jemmy, Chapter Ten

Jemmy is a very smart, practical, and quick-witted kid and he comes up with a plan that is actually very effective, freeing them both from the scoundrels and freeing himself if the prince at the same time. He also cleverly manages to convince the outlaws that he is thinking along the same lines they are and is genuinely trying to help them to get the ransome they ask for. This buys the boys time and also allows Jemmy to think on his feet and come up with more and more good ideas. It also shows that the outlaws are heartless and lawless but also brainless as they are being outwitted by Jemmy who is still just a child.

At last, Jemmy thought, you're free of the prince! But he couldn't resist a backward glance.

Prince Brat was standing in the center of the road. He'd dropped his load of driftwood and merely gazed at the receding coach.

Jemmy straightened, and folded his arms. The prince wasn't his look out any longer.But he'd stood there like a wounded bird. Blast him! A prince hadn't a cockeyed notion how to fend for himself.

"Stop, Cap'n!" Jemmy shouted. " We left me friend behind."

Narrator, and Jemmy, Chapter Fifteen

This is a real turning point in the book regarding the relationship between Jemmy and the prince. Jemmy understandably cannot stand the prince because he deliberately gets into trouble for the purpose of getting Jemmy punished. On their adventure he has been nothing but trouble and has a terrible attitude that really shows why his nickname is Prince Brat. However, Jemmy is an honorable kind of kid and feels guilty leaving the prince to fend for himself when he clearly has no idea how to do so; comparing him to a wounded bird emphasized his vulnerability. On top of this Jemmy is starting to like the prince a little bit and certainly feels more like a team than he did at the start. He surprises himself by calling the prince his friend.

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