The Whipping Boy

The Whipping Boy Analysis

The Whipping Boy is a classic tale of an unlikely friendship that flourishes between a commoner and aristocrat when the power dynamic is swapped. This children's book tackles significant themes of social class, loyalty, and the significance of education which bring out the main message. The message of overcoming our prejudices which in turn allows us to complement each other in a friendship. The basic plot is about Prince Brat and Jemmy the whipping boy who has to take punishments on behalf of the prince. Thus, Jemmy acts as a scapegoat to the prince’s failures and a stooge who seems down on his luck.

Consequently, the relationship between the main characters is not an easy one to blossom as one of a self-regarding prince and a humble whipping boy. Therefore their friendship has to be cultivated after a series of tribulations that test their rapport. These contrasting characters have to nurture their courage and altruism towards each other to overcome their adversaries. Therefore, their adventure outside the confines of the castle brings forth challenges that place Jemmy on top of the hierarchy. Basically, his wits and smarts are the only assets both of them and especially the prince to survive the cruel outside world. Accordingly, showcases the journey of the underdog having the advantage for once in a world where the odds are always against him. Furthermore, he has had the chance to benefit from the opportunity of education of which the prince took for granted.

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