The Well Background

The Well Background

The Well is a novel by Elizabeth Jolley, an Australian-English author. It was published on September 1, 1986 by Penguin Books. The narrative presents information about two girls (Hester and Katherine) who become closer to each other more and more as time passes, especially when Hester's father dies. Their story begins when Katherine was driving at night on a deserted road as they got back from a party. Katherine's driving wasn't good because she was still learning, and so she hit something suddenly. The girls decided to throw the creature they hit in a well, and that's where Katherine starts to hear voices coming from the well and their life completely changes after that.

The novel won many awards, including Miles Franklin Literary award and FAW Barbara Ramsden Award for the Book of the Year. Both awards were given at the same year she published the book. The Well earned a 3.4 out of 5 star rating on Goodreads with several positive reviews from different readers. Also, Mad Bibliophile commented on the story as: "The Well is a spine-tingling and deliciously sinister story in a non-traditional way"

Overall, The Well is a dark humor novel that is incredible and recommended to young people and adults. Jolley's works are often mysterious with an underlying meaning that requires much attention to grasp.

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