The Stone Gods Background

The Stone Gods Background

The Stone Gods was written by Jeanette Winterson and published in 2007. It combines components of a romance novel with a post apocalypse work while still touching on the topics of how governments are controlled by large corporations, the damaging effects of war, the slow and steady dehumanization because of increasing technological use, and many more. Interestingly, the book has patterns of repeating storylines and plots between characters, and characters find and read parts of the book that happened before. This way of storytelling may be hinting at the repetition of history, over and over again, never learning from past mistakes, mistakes which bridge between peoples, planets, and time.

The four parts of the book all take place in different time periods and different locations, both on Earth and elsewhere in space. The first part is called “Planet Blue,” which is set in the future on a planet named Orbus. The humans on that planet are steadily advancing towards self destruction of their world when they create another environment capable of supporting humans on another planet. The second part is called “Easter Island” and it occurs in the 1700s on Earth.

As the title suggests, the plot takes place on Easter Island, right when the people there were taking down and destroying their famed Moai statues, perhaps reflecting the similar impending destruction of government systems, leadership, and economic giants. The third part is called “Post-3War” and it takes place in a futuristic city on Earth named ‘Tech City’. After World War 3, the aftermath and destruction of the global conflict still resonates in each person’s mind in this city. In the last part, called “Wreck City”, is also happening in the future, after WW3, but the people here are literally in a trash city, where economic support is nonexistent and society struggles to function properly.

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