The Robbers Themes

The Robbers Themes


A great accent is put on the idea of duty and keeping one’s promises. Charles for example insists on keeping the promise he made to remain a leader for the robbers even if that meant that he had to give up the possibility of marrying the girl he loves and spend the rest of his life with her. The robbers are loyal as well to Charles and they refuse to mutiny against him and instead kill the person who suggested it.


The play presents a way of rebellion against the corrupt society, and that is, by creating a group of people that lived outside the law. When Charles agreed to become the leader of the group, he had an idealized vision regarding its purpose. He envisioned a group of robbers who would fight for the poor and protect the weak but it ended up being something far from what is was supposed to be.


Wealth or rather the fight for inheritance is the base for the whole play and throughout the play it is presented the lengths to which Francis is willing to go in order to secure his social status and wealth. While Charles seems to be uninterested in the money and is more affected by the fact that is father gave up on him, Francis is willing to sacrifice his father, brother and even his sanity just to be financially secure.

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