The Robbers Characters

The Robbers Character List

Charles Von Moor

Charles is Old Moor’s oldest son, carefree, loved by his father but hated by his brother. He is wrongfully disowned after his brother starts spreading rumors about him and this eventually leads him to become the leader of a band of robbers. Even so, Charles maintains his moral principles and is pained to see that his men start to kill innocent people. He is a loyal man and chooses to keep his vow to his comrades even when he has the choice to remain with Amelia.

Francis Von Moor

He is Charles’ younger brother and Old Moor’s son. He is rather unpopular in comparison with his brother and resents Charles because their father loves him more. He is extremely ambitious and is ready to do anything to be the sole inheritor to his father’s wealth and be with Amelia. He is manipulative and succeeds in convincing his father that Charles is bad. Towards the end of the play, Francis begins to feel remorse for what he has done, committing suicide in the end.

Count Von Moor

Referred in the book as the Old Moor, he is Francis and Charles’ father. He loves his children dearly but failed to educate them properly. He is rather a week man and is easily manipulated. He has a child-like mentality and changes rapidly from one state into another.


She is Count von Moor’s niece and Charles’ finance. She loves him dearly and remains faithful to him despite Francis’ attempts to make her love him. She is killed by Charles after they realize that they can’t be together.


He is a member of Charles’ band of robbers. He hoped to be asked to be the leader of the outlaw band and after Charles is chosen, he gets jealous. Because of this, he plans to turn the others against Charles but is unsuccessful and is killed by the other members in the group.

Father Dominic

He is the father who came to the robbers in the woods. His proposal was refused by the robbers.


He is a nobleman who expressed his desire to join Charles. At first, Charles turns him down but after he hears his life story, he is accepted.


An elderly servant in the Old Moor’s house. He remains loyal to Charles and manages to recognize him even if he was disguised.


A servant in Old Moor’s household, in love with Amelia. He becomes Francis’ allies in making the Old Moor believe that Charles was dead.


A robber serving under Charles.


A robber serving under Charles.


A robber serving under Charles. He is the only one who dies during the battle in the forest.


A robber serving under Charles.


A robber serving under Charles.

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