The Robbers Irony

The Robbers Irony


Spiegelberg tries to convince the others to kill Charles but they refuse and instead kill Spiegelberg.

Who is in charge?

When Spiegelberg talks about gathering a party of robbers, he believes that he will be chosen as their leader. He is however disappointed when after convincing a group of people to join him, they chose Charles as their leader.


When Francis seems to get everything he wants, he starts questioning his actions after starting to have visions and nightmares which eventually push him to commit suicide.


Charles believes that the robbers will act for society’s greater good, but instead, some of them start to rape nuns and murder children, women and old people.

Trusty servant

Even if at first, Herman is willing to listen to Francis and play his game, he ends up confessing everything to Amelia and even takes care of the Old Moor after Francis tells everyone that he has died.

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