The Pyramid Themes

The Pyramid Themes

Theme of emotional alongside of physical growth

The novel is about Oliver's life and events that were the breaking points in his emotional growth. The first part and his events with Evie represent the passage from childhood into young adulthood. He is faced with the emotional frustration and stress of adolescence. Evie is there to resolve his sexual curiosity and that emotional frustration that he is faced with. After he resolved this he is faced with the shame and regret of not being able to go back to the safety of innocence. In the last part he is finally able to understand and be honest towards the woman from his childhood he felt great contempt for. He finally understands Bounce and the things she's done and wonders about whether she was only happy at the time the entire town thought her insane. He is also finally able to tell his honest thoughts out loud. At the end Oliver recognizes and accepts the truth of life and that one can not choose one's own future.

Theme of small town life

The description of life in a small town life is described through Oliver's narration in great detail. It is a life where the entire population knows everyone, their background and their history. Any new face is met with a lot of curiosity and excitement. This is humorously described through Oliver's mother who is the town's great gossip. During his time as a kid when he had lessons with Bounce, Oliver unknowingly was his mother's eyes and ears for gossip. This small town vibe is imaginatively described by Oliver with curtains on each house quivering when there is something interesting going on outside.

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