The Pyramid Characters

The Pyramid Character List


The hero of the novel who comes to learn of life and apprehends the ways of the world through an ever-expanding cast of characters who serve as mentors, guides and teachers.

Evie Babbacomb

The “local phenomenon” who has absolutely not an iota of shyness when it comes to promiscuity. Especially happy to make the use of her body suitably available to Oliver.

Mrs. Babbacombe

Evie’s mum who becomes the subject of incredibly unpleasant and untoward scorn and mockery by the town. Partly due to being a “Papist” and partly because she has not yet learned his place in the social strata.

Sgt .Babbacombe

Town crier. More than that: profoundly disagreeable and sick father of Evie; responsible at least in part for her promiscuity due to insisting upon taking his own hand at the pleasures of her flesh.

Imogen Grantley Claymore

Self-interested, narcissistic but musically talented woman who rejects the attentions of Oliver.

Norman Claymore

As pretentious as Imogen is narcissistic. He runs the newspaper in town and sings opera in his spare time.

Miss Dawlish (“Bounce”)

An old maid but full of great wisdom and quite passionate about music. She is Oliver’s music teacher, but her wisdom supplies him with knowledge and experience which goes well beyond that. She is a spiritual guide, one might say.

Mr. Dawlish

Repressive dad of Miss Dawlish and a failure at every point of the way except for transforming himself I his mind into a great romantic failure of overlooked and under-appreciated talent.

Evelyn de Tracy

Cross-dressing director of the Stilbourne Operatic Society. Also a drunk. Which obstructs his ability to fully impart some important and even potentially clever observations about Stilbourne and those who call it home.

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