The Pyramid Background

The Pyramid Background

The Pyramid is a novel about a man called Oliver and his experience of finding himself and the true meaning of life. The plot is set in a small town Stillbourne, and Oliver's story is divided in three parts. The narrator is Oliver and his narration is filled with humorous remarks and the contradiction of his thoughts against what he shows on the outside.

The first part describes Oliver's battle with his adolescent sexual urge and his loss of virginity with a local promiscuous girl. The second part takes place when Oliver is transferring to adulthood and finding his path. He is back in his hometown after college and is faced with his love from youth and realizes that she is far from what he imagined. The third part deals with Oliver's childhood and the torture of having to take violin lessons from a woman named Bounce.

The plot is set at the beginning of the twentieth century and describes in a humorous and cynical way the ridiculousness of the small conservative town. Central to the plot are such issues as the battle of a young man with his consciousness and the influence of his surroundings to find the true meaning of life.

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