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“Talent is the most priceless of God's gifts—destroy it not. Search out, subject all things to your brush; but in all see that you find the hidden soul, and most of all, strive to attain to the grand secret of creation. Blessed is the elect one who masters that!”

Father of the artist

Talent is a drop of capabilities and the sea of work. But what is a talent? Somebody can say that it is a way to show yours skills and abilities. But the meaning of it differs in this story. The author wants to report the reader that the talent is not only the dexterity. It is the most inestimable gift, which gives the person a possibility to create, to inspire, to evolve in different ways and just to be cheerful. But when you can work and use your talent at the same time, it is a double gladness. Maybe, everybody has own hidden talent, but he or she even doesn’t imply this huge gift. And if you want to discover your talent, you should try to be engaged in different spheres.

“Fame can give no pleasure to him who has stolen it, not won it; so all his feelings and impulses turned towards wealth.”


This quote has a simple and significant meaning. Each of us wishes to gain the fame. Perhaps, there is no one person, who doesn’t aspire to the fame. The fame elevates, inspires and makes to act, because it is honorable glory as the evidence of universal respect, the recognition of merit and talent. This conception is associated with the fact that the fame comes to the person, who possesses extraordinary abilities and the talent. The fame comes to those who make great deeds. And that is why the author considers that only diligent, hard-working person with a strong mind can achieve the fame and success.

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