The Portrait Irony

The Portrait Irony

Dissatisfaction of the old painter

He pours ridicule on the young painters, who “had been asked to paint a picture for a recently built and wealthy church”. The painter “will not permit that fledgling to triumph”, considering that he has more experience, but he is pathetic with his jealousy.

Misfortunate being of a painter

The owner of the house is not satisfied with the new lodger as to her words: “there is no worse lodger than a painter: he lives like a pig”. She makes fun of the painter, who lives there, because painter is not a perfectionist and civilized person.

‘Damn! I am disgusted in the world! '- he said with the sense of Russian man”

According to these words the main character is disappointed, because he has many vital problems. He expresses his emotions, jeering at his existence.

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